About Us

Many years ago, we became a blended family, which I'm sure many of you can relate to. It's not always an easy migration. One day, I was sharing bonding time with my new stepdaughter, and she looked at me with her big eyes and soft voice and said, "What do I call you?". I asked Jaclyn what she meant, and she told me that she already had a mom, but she didn't really like the term stepmom. So, we we blurted out SMOM, and I've proudly held that title for many years. Now we think it’s about time we shared it with SMOM's worldwide! 
The more we’ve lived with this and thought about it, the deeper its meaning grew. Who doesn’t have that friend's Mom who stood in as a "mom" for all the neighborhood kids? Or a relative or family friend we connected with who always treated us like one of their own? What about those exceptional, special moms we are so lucky to have? The one that took care of us, the one we could always count on? 
These beautiful people, all of the above, have one thing in common.... UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. From the moment Jaclyn called me SMOM, I felt in my heart that she loved me, and I knew everything would be okay. 
So, with that, we’d like to invite you all to be a part of and share in the love that I feel being a proud SMOM! We offer this gift to you, from our hearts to yours.
XO, SMOM (Bev) & Jaclyn